Doreen Myotherapy

Your First Appointment?

Doreen Myotherapy

What Happens in the First Appointment?

During your first myotherapy appointment with Doreen Myotherapy, we will use various strategies to understand you, your pain and the ways in which we can manage your pain. An appointment will include several of the following, depending on the nature of your problem:


  • conduct a physical assessment and record medical history;
  • discuss factors that may hinder recovery;
  • identify achievable goals eg. pain free sleep;
  • discuss physical treatment options, which may include massage, dry needling, cupping or stretches;
  • select the corrective exercises appropriate for you;
  • identify the best ways to manage activities that may contribute to your pain;
  • plan future steps for further treatment, and long-term prevention strategies.
myotherapy appointment in Doreen

Pain may seem to come from nowhere, but it often has a complex physiological and psychological basis. At Doreen Myotherapy, we take a systematic and evidence-based approach to understanding and working with you to reduce this pain as much as possible.

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