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Why Remedial Massage?

At Doreen Myotherapy, remedial massage is used to resolve injuries and pain associated with soft tissue.  We systematically assess you and your pain so we can develop a detailed and personalised treatment plan based on your personal health goals.

Remedial massage can effectively treat various muscle-related pains including:

  • chronic pain;
  • tension headaches and migraines;
  • neck and shoulder pain;
  • sciatica and back pain;
  • carpal tunnel and other stress injuries;
  • upper cross syndrome and forward head posture;
  • osteoporosis;
  • frozen shoulder;
  • tennis elbow;
  • knee complications.

A range of techniques are used in remedial massage, including cupping, trigger point therapy, and assisted stretching. The use of these techniques depends on your specific condition, and what will be most effective in delivering results.

Understanding chronic pain

Chronic pain is long lasting, from months to years, and extremely persistent. It can be caused by injury as well as a range of illnesses. Unlike acute pain, the cause of, and resolution to, chronic pain is not always very clear. In addition, the presence of continuous pain can quickly produce related issues such as heightened stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

Remedial Massage doreen myotherapy

Managing Chronic Pain with Remedial Massage

Chronic pain can be a nightmare to deal with. Relentless pain that endures despite attempts at numerous treatments can lead to frustration and desperation. Remedial massage therapy is a non-invasive, holistic and tension-relieving approach that has been shown to effectively reduce the experience of chronic pain.

Remedial Massage at Doreen

Remedial massage is an effective treatment to help relieve physical and mental tension, reduce joint and muscle pain, and contribute to a greater sense of general wellbeing. To get the most out of remedial massage, we seek to provide you with a service that is truly tailored to your specific needs. You are the focus of our practice. Because of this, the ultimate test of our treatment is your improved wellbeing. As such, we encourage you to openly discuss how you are feeling before and after treatment. Finally, always ask your doctor first if remedial massage is right for you.

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