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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a pin-point approach used by Myotherapists to help reduce soft tissue pain, improve mobility and promote a tension and pain free body.

Dry needling is an effective and targeted technique that can minimise pain and tension when used in conjunction with other myotherapy techniques such as massage. Dry needling can also help to prevent, or reduce, nerve-related ailments such as numbness, pins and needles, and headaches.

Dry needling is a soft-tissue treatment which involves the placement of filament needles into the muscle fibre. The therapist places the needles where the muscle is knotted, tense and painful — known as a trigger point. The needle works to release this tension directly, relaxing the muscles, triggering a relaxation of connective tissues that contribute to the pain sensation.

In a dry needling appointment, needles are slowly inserted into the trigger point area, gently manipulated to release the trigger point tension, and then removed after a short period. Numerous trigger points may be targeted in a single session.

Each needle ranges from 0.16 to 0.30 millimetres in diameter. They are all sterile and pre-packaged. It is unusual for any bleeding or bruising to result from the insertion.

Dry Needling doreen myotherapy

Why Dry Needling Works

When the dry needle is inserted into the muscle fibre, a small ‘lesion’ is created which the brain interprets as injurious. In response, the body works to repair the damaged tissue with new, healthy tissue. This is a commonly known as the ‘twitch response’ due to the muscular twitching that often occurs around the area.

Following this, the muscle fibre in the target area begins to relax, inflammation dissipates, blood circulation increases, and the muscle returns to its normal function. These subsequent events are excellent for assisting with injury recovery and pain reduction, particularly within the context of a broader therapeutic approach.

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